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Homeward // Promo

Homeward of Virginia (homewardva.org) has an annual event at the Greater Richmond Convention Center called “Project Homeless Connect.” They wanted footage from the event to be used in a video to promote their organization.

I shot all the interviews and b-roll on a Panasonic GH1 with stock zoom lens. The audio was all captured to a Zoom H4 with a Lectrosonics M-150 lapel mic.

All grading was done in LooksBuilder and the audio was sweetened up with Soundtrack Pro.


Showcase: “Happy Birthday, Mark! (Part 1)”

My dear friend Jacobi has got quite the talent.  Check out this video he shot & edited for my birthday.  I hope it encourages you like it did me.

Showcase: “Apricot”

When you have few words surrounded by lots of silence, your mind will have a tendency to wander about.  The creators of this film lead you about on a leash so that you “get it.”

Sal + Alissa // Teaser

Sal & Alissa got married.  They wanted me to show up with a video camera.  Their magic happened, and now it’s my turn.

The edit is always the hardest part of the whole project… there’s so much footage to review and stack into my brain, labeling this, cutting that.

It takes a while to get a project finished, and seemingly longer when you have people waiting for it.  I made this little “teaser” for Sal & Alissa.

Showcase: Buckles

Here’s another beautiful piece of work by Sean Dunne.  I hope you enjoy it.

RePost: “Them Crooked Photo Contracts”

Why are bands trying to take away the rights of photographers?

Daniel Boud has an interesting post on his site about bands vs. photographers.  You can read it here:


Showcase: “What is That”

YouTube Preview Image

I like how the old man gets the one-up on his son.  This is beautiful.  The CG bird could’ve been a bit better, but all-in-all, this is very nice.

Showcase: The Archive

Here’s a beautiful short film by Sean Dunne.  It’s called “The Archive”.  Paul Mawhinney is a man who’s devoted his entire life to music.  In fact, he has the largest record collection in the world, estimated to be worth over $50 million.

The coloring is superb and I love the minimalistic camera shots.  Most of them are steady, but there are some great pans and glides too.

I wish I had $3 million to buy The Archive.

Melinda + Jason // Save the Date

Melinda came to me to have me do a film of their wedding. She has a website for the wedding and I thought it would be fun to make a “Save the Date” video for her & Jason.

This is a short story of how they met. I asked Melinda what song she would like for the video. “January Wedding” seems to fits perfectly with the theme, but it’s also such a great song.

The day shots were done in the Ghent area of Norfolk, VA. I did the interview shots outside of the studio at night. I love the sound of the crickets and the holly tree as a backdrop.

The footage was shot on my HV40 with Jag35Pro and 50mm ƒ1.8 lens.  I used a single overhead light to get that nice deep contrast on their faces.  My Sennheiser MKH416 saved the night… there was so much noise going on around us – a football game at the stadium nearby with an announcer over the loudspeaker, jet planes, trucks, frogs – I thought most of the audio would be ruined.  I was going to filter out the crickets, but it gives the film such a nice feel.

I wish Melinda & Jason the best in their relationship and look forward to shooting their wedding film.

Song: “January Wedding” by Avett Brothers

7 Cities Ballroom – Dance Showcase // Event Demo

This is the latest project I’ve been working on.  It’s for a group called 7 Cities Ballroom. It was their annual dance showcase. They like to take a video of the event for the students, for which they usually just stick a camera on a tripod. This time around they decided to go professional on the video. I, too, stuck a camera on a tripod, but I also went handheld/low tripod to get some great cut shots.

I had an HV30 with a wide-angle lens on a tripod (thanks Jacobi!), on a table to try to shoot over the table that was right up to the dance floor.  The distance from the wall to the dance floor was shallow, so it cut off a bit of the sides.  The second camera was my HV40 with 35mm adaptor & Canon 50mm f1.8.

Most of the dancers were instructor or students. However, there was a couple from Kansas City, Lila & Michael Shultz, that blew the night away! They are pro-level dancers and it was really cool to watch them perform.  This is just one performance out of the hour-long event.